Author Stephanie Patsalis

Stephanie M. Patsalis, Author and Food Entrepreneur

Stephanie has traveled extensively to Europe, Asia, and Australia and has lived in various cities from Tokyo to Minneapolis and New York. Along the way, she has enjoyed the culinary specialties of each metropolitan area and experienced regional tastes firsthand, often created by world-class chefs. This exposure has taught Stephanie about the similar characteristics of the various cuisines and shown her that a focus on family is truly the foundation of every good recipe.

Stephanie credits her culinary success to her grandmother, Yiayia Asimina, cooking in Greece with her mother, Elaine, and her Aunt Mary for their tough Greek home-cooking school; to Thea Libby Nicklow, her spiritual mom, who shared her love of cooking family recipes and exposed Stephanie to new techniques in Hellenic cooking; lastly, to Lisa Hake, her roommate after college, when she wrote her first cookbook and tested recipes on Lisa each evening.

Learning and loving to cook inspired Stephanie to open her own contemporary kitchen in the gourmet food industry 10 years ago. The Cooking Club Inc. taught the busy gourmet easy, make-and-take meals in an instructional kitchen. She tested and developed over one hundred unique recipes for families to enjoy at home. This successful endeavor launched The Cooking Club Inc. onto new adventures including a catering company, a gourmet food retail catalog, and instructional cooking classes for the home. There was a growing need for Stephanie to do something more with her strong love of her heritage of Greek cuisine, favoring the Mediterranean diet.

She turned her passion for Greek cooking, creating, and eating into the brand, Greek Chic Cuisine; where she could share her easy-to-follow family recipes with even more people. The core of Greek Chic Cuisine is the focus on catering and authentic Mediterranean diet recipes for all families to enjoy.

Stephanie Patsalis, author, Greek Chic Cuisine, turned her passion for Greek cooking into Cooking Videos called Simply Greek by Stephanie. Stephanie focuses on easy to prepare Mediterranean Diet recipes making Greek food modern.

Stephanie is also a regular culinary classroom educator at Whole Foods Market with her Mediterranean Diet cooking demonstrations. Her focus is health and wellness teaching private corporate cooking classes for PayPal, ConAgra Foods, and speaking at events.

Along with a cookbook and DVD, Stephanie has collaborated with eCreamery to produce Baklava Ice Cream by Greek Chic Cuisine and founded a Grecian Oil Body Care line using extra virgin olive oil.